LIPO-6 Reviews

My coach asked me to get this product because of its minimalist approach for a fatburner. I think it helped curb my appetite, I did not lose any weight but I did however have a change in body composition after using this for 30 days. It was pretty affordable, too. I didn’t get any crazy symptoms from using it.

overall I believe Lipo 6 is one of the better fat burners on the market today, I have been using this product for 4 years now and I am very pleased with its ability to promote energy and aid in fat loss. it will always be a part of my stack and considering its not very expensive I believe its worth a try for anyone.

I’m using it for a week now, and I’ve lost 4-5 lbs (at 14-15% bodyfat now). However I am not really sure if any of this loss is due to Lipo 6, as my diet is extremely strict and I exercise strenuously (6 times a week). This product helps me with energy and it helped me boost my cardio performance, but it seems to week for me (I am used to drinking a lot of coffee), and I take it three times a day.

I started using Lipo 6 when I first started lifting and working out for real, not just here and there. It was great for motivation as I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks using as directed on the bottle and working out regularly. While using this product I combine weight lifting as well as cardio 4-5 days a week with weekends free. It provides a great energy boost and I definitely notice a difference if I do not take it before a workout. Overall, great product and I have reccomended it to others!

At a stage, this was the best fat burner that i have ever come across. It shredded my fat in a single month of use. An excellent fat burner to say the least.

This is a great product. Used it to help me get lean for the summer from my winter mass gain and it was great. Lost 20lbs and got to my goal of 6% bodyfat. I had a great diet plan and Cardio was at the forefront of my rountine. I would highly recommend this product.

i found this product to be very effective as part of my supplements. i worked 5 days a week for about 2 months and have gone from 256 to 218 as of right now and its due to these pills and dieting and taking protein to keep my body running. has the best affect if you workout strong with lots of cardio

This supplement gave me lots of energy and did loose a ton of lbs while on it. I don’t know how much of that to contribute to my dieting, but to be fair I’ll give it two thumbs up.


About lipo6xreview
I am into fitness and bodybuilding. I used a product I bought off called Lipo-6x and I want to give my thoughts on it in a blog.

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